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Electric scooters can be driven with a driving license

Electric scooter at a great price This quality means of transport is an optimal choice in every respect. On the one hand, it is significantly cheaper to purchase than a car, and in addition, our online store offers continuous significant sales. On the other hand, the operating costs are nowhere compared to those of types operating with fossil fuel clay. Get to know the properties of the pieces available from us and choose the one that best suits your needs! Don't worry if you'd rather stick with professional electric bikes: we have a huge range of products waiting for you - browse to your heart's content! You don't need a motorcycle license. According to the EU classification of the scooter, it can be driven with an A or B driver's license, just like the 50 ccm auxiliary motors and scooters. And you don't need a license plate.

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Electric scooters for convenient shopping These high-quality, extremely comfortable electric bicycles are designed to facilitate our daily tasks and errands and ensure that In the name of reliability - electric scooters at a great price Every product type has iconic brands. When it comes to electric bikes and scooters, Tornádó, Ztech and RKS are now indispensable players in the ever-growing market of ebikes, as their models are among the most popular and sought-after types. Of course, this success was not a matter of luck, but the developments, adaptation to customer needs, reliability and, last but not least, the attractive price led to the achievement of the market leading position. Efficient and safe means of transport When it comes to everyday transportation, we now have several options to choose from. The RKS, Tornádó and Ztech electric bicycles and scooters sold by us prove to be the perfect choice thanks to their solid, durable design and quality battery. Like three-wheeled electric mopeds, they are available in several types, so everyone can find a model that perfectly matches their needs and expectations, on which they can cover the distance between two points comfortably and at a safe speed. These are ideal tools for going to work, shopping, and running errands, and they are characterized by a long service life. The electric scooter is a particularly practical tool for members of the older age group, as it offers them the benefits of free, effortless movement. At the same time, it can also be attractive to young people, since these devices can be driven without a driver's license. If you also want to travel in an environmentally friendly way, take a look at our wide selection of electric scooters and bicycles and choose the one that suits your needs! We are at your disposal in case of any questions. It is classified as a bicycle and can be driven without a KRESZ test! of 1/1975. (II. 5.) based on the joint decree of the KPM-BM. so that we can do all this quickly and without problems. Our offer also includes Z-Tech's top-of-the-line luggage racks, as well as professional models with scooter performance and LCD dashboards representing a higher price category. Choose from the ebikes and scooters found in our online store with the largest inventory.