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Tuning kit for electric bicycle

Speed booster tuning kit for ebikes

The maximum speed of ebikes that can be used in traffic is set at 25 km/h, however, if we do not use our bikes in road traffic, we can increase this speed to 50 km/h with the appropriate tuning kit at our own risk. The chiptuning box manipulates the speedometer encoder, sending a halved version of the speed sensor signal to the engine. Remember, a bike tuned in this way is no longer considered a traditional bike, so it should only be used in an area closed to traffic!

2product 12
2product 12

The chiptuning box manipulates the speedometer transmitter. Above 18 km/h, it deletes the signal from the speed sensor mounted on the rear wheel and sends a halved version of it to the engine. On the speedometer, after 18 km/h, 9 km/h follows. In principle, the engine is functional up to "virtual 25 km/h", i.e. 50 km/h.

Is it legal in Hungary?

It's not legal. In this case, the motorcycle can exceed the maximum speed limit of 25 km/h in the KRESZ, so the bicycle is no longer classified as a traditional bicycle. It can only be used in areas closed to traffic, at your own risk.