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Our specialty store awaits its customers with the most modern men's and women's electric bicycles. Our offer includes bikes equipped with front and rear motors, pedal sensors and mid-motor torque-sensing drive systems, as well as electric scooters and scooters. If you are looking for a three-wheeled electric scooter, electric scooter or any accessories for bicycles, you will find it in our online store. View our products online or visit our showroom in Nagytarcsa!

Electric Bicycle - a loyal companion in everyday life

Everyone is driving, some this way, some that way. Fortunately, more and more people are showing the need to replace their car with a more practical, cheaper and more environmentally friendly device, which is just as efficient and does not lag behind the car in terms of comfort. The ebike is a perfect alternative, at least from the point of view of everyday transport: it provides agile movement, since with a bicycle you are not forced to get stuck in traffic, it is comfortable and cost-effective to use, it is cheap to maintain, and it does not pollute the air. In addition, there are so many types that everyone is guaranteed to find a product that perfectly matches their ideas and wallet.

Which ebike should we choose?

As with conventional bicycles, electric bicycles meet various criteria.

  • Urban ebikes are designed for asphalt, have a comfortable design and can be equipped with practical accessories such as a luggage rack or a basket.
  • We can also find the perfect two-wheeled device for more difficult terrain in the form of an electric MTB.
  • Folding electric bikes are also available in addition to traditional camping bikes. The latter are still very popular and are considered essential accessories for vacation homes and weekend homes - and in the battery version, they make spending your free time even more comfortable.
  • In addition to the two-wheeled models, we can also choose the practical three-wheeled electric bicycle, which is especially good news for the older age group.
  • Fans of extremes, such as sliding in sand or snow, can even get a fat bike.
  • Of course, scooters can also be purchased in battery versions

In other words, we can say that electric bicycles have now gone beyond the scope of curiosities, and those who support them form an increasingly large camp. Choose comfort and reliability yourself and choose the ebike that suits your needs!

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Our company was one of the first to specifically specialize in the sale of electric bicycles.

We purchase bicycles of our own production or directly from foreign manufacturers, and we import the electric bicycles and their parts that we sell.

We have the largest retail inventory.

All electric bicycles sold by us can be viewed in our showroom.

We test all new models to be introduced and only then distribute them, as we also provide the warranty.

We only deal in quality electric bikes.

We constantly check the Hungarian market and try to give the most favorable prices possible.

Each bike is assembled, tested, and passed through multi-point testing before handing over, and only then is it handed over.

We install it for free and deliver it free of charge in Hungary (subject to the specified conditions).

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