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BOSCH 4 ebike electric tuning kit

BOSCH 4 ebike electric tuning kit
BOSCH 4 ebike electric tuning kit
BOSCH 4 ebike electric tuning kit
BOSCH 4 ebike electric tuning kit
BOSCH Badass Typ 4 tuning kit

According to Western European laws, the pedelec version switches off the engine at 25 km / h and the s-pedelec version at 45 km / h.
However, many are bothered that the power of the slower version diminishes just when one is just gaining momentum.

How does the kit work?
The chiptuning box manipulates the speedometer transmitter.
Above 18 km / h, it clears the signal from the speed sensor mounted on the rear wheel and sends a halved version to the engine.
So after 18 km / h on the speedometer, 9 km / h follows. The engine is in principle capable of operating at "virtual 25 km / h", ie up to 50 km / h.
The badassBox Type 4 is Bosch compatible with all Bosch medium-engined engines in the Classic, Classic +, Active Line, Performance Line and Performance Line CX versions.

It is not legal in Hungary.
In this case, the engine can go above the maximum speed limit of 25 km / h in the TRAFFIC, so the bicycle is no longer considered a conventional bicycle.
Use only in areas closed to traffic at your own risk.

How to install?
This is easily possible at home without disassembling the motor and without tools. The device must be pulled onto a speed sensor and then secured with a rubber.
Attach the speedometer magnet to the wheel hub for approx. 2-3 inches should be shifted.
The intervention can be reversed at any time - we just pull down the box and we can already continue our journey with our factory-powered electric bike.

The badassBox works with AAA batteries, which allows you to charge approx. 7,000 km or one year of operation thanks to low energy consumption technology.
Because the signal is transmitted without electrical contact (non-contact chip tuning), electrical damage is physically impossible. The microprocessor turns on and off automatically. The battery can be replaced simply by opening the bottom of the housing.

Both Bosch and the bicycle manufacturers make it clear that the warranty on the bicycle and the engine is void due to tampering!

+ Made in Germany +
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172 $

Length: 61 mm
Height: 43 mm
Width: 15 mm
Weight: 37 g including battery

Special feature: splash-proof battery housing, coated electronics.
It works even underwater with a factory seal.
64 g/pcs