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EFLOW ER-5 s-pedelec electric bicycle 45 km / h

3 pc
EFLOW ER-5 s-pedelec electric bicycle 45 km / h
  • EFLOW ER-5 s-pedelec electric bicycle 45 km / h
  • EFLOW ER-5 s-pedelec electric bicycle 45 km / h
  • EFLOW ER-5 s-pedelec electric bicycle 45 km / h
  • EFLOW ER-5 s-pedelec electric bicycle 45 km / h
  • EFLOW ER-5 s-pedelec electric bicycle 45 km / h
  • EFLOW ER-5 s-pedelec electric bicycle 45 km / h
  • EFLOW ER-5 s-pedelec electric bicycle 45 km / h
  • EFLOW ER-5 s-pedelec electric bicycle 45 km / h
  • EFLOW ER-5 s-pedelec electric bicycle 45 km / h
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Begin: 01/12/2022   End: 31/12/2022
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The engine is equipped with the ER-5, which supports you up to a speed of 45 km / h with ePower. With the S-Pedelec you are especially fast-paced, the urban, sporty style and the carefully chosen components are typical of the eflow philosophy. The fast e-bike is fully equipped with guards, lighting and luggage rack. The S-Pedelec ER-5 carries you quickly through the city, on the way to work, for shopping or for leisure. To ensure that neither rain nor darkness will limit your enjoyment, we have installed a full set of equipment in high quality. Of course, the ER-5 has a StVZO certification and fulfills all requirements that are legally applied to an S-Pedelec. Its technical equipment has grown to the requirements of higher speed playing. The ER-5 needs insurance, you get a corresponding driving license.
3.999, - Euro Recommended retail price.
The brushless motor has a wide speed range and is characterized by high speed stability. The engine of the ER-5 is particularly powerful, it provides 500 watts, a lithium ion battery with 550 Wh and 11.6 Ah provides the required energy. Reliable, energy-saving and powerful the drive brings its power without detour to the asphalt. The ER-5's particularly powerful rear-wheel drive is almost silent and gives the E-Bike the best traction for a sporty driving experience, up to a speed of 45 km / h. Reliable and durable, he meets the requirements of modern mobility. An electronic torque sensor at the dropout informs the control how powerful the driver steps into the pedals, the engine then provides the appropriate support. This is particularly efficient and homogenous in the rear-wheel drive, so that smooth running is possible.
An S-Pedelec places particularly high demands on the parts installed on it. This is the reason why we also use the ER-5 exclusively for high-quality components that offer a permanently safe function. This includes the Shimano shift as well as Magura's powerful disc brakes, Schwalbe's first-class tires and the lightweight Racktime rack. The high-quality lighting system from Supernova shows you at any time and makes you visible to other traffic users. Dynamic, smart and super-fast - the eflow ER-5 is an S-Pedelec of the finest.
The fastest eBike in the eflow program shows its power thanks to its dynamic design. The voluminous seatpost of the ER-5 with integrated battery is typical of eflow's eBikes, it increases the stability of the frame and therefore the safety of the whole eBike. The built-in battery also contributes to the harmonious appearance of the ER-5, as are the cables and lines installed in the frame. The rear-wheel motor integrates itself harmoniously into the silhouette of the S-pedelec and even the luggage rack, the guards and the lighting fit perfectly into the modern appearance of this stylish eBike.
The eflow ER-5 is available in three frame heights: 17 inches, 19 inches and 21 inches. This corresponds to a seat tube length of 432, 483 and 534 millimeters, respectively, so you can find the right frame size. The frame geometry ensures a balanced but sporty sitting position, in line with the dynamic requirements of this eBike. The steering angle of 70 degrees stands for a perfect blend of running stability and agility. The ER-5 is equipped with 26-inch wheels, a size that ideally supports the agility and dynamics of the fast-paced S-pedelec.
  • Speed max. 45 km / h
    Color Matt Brushed Titanium
    Frame eflow PM1 aluminum
    Fork eflow aluminum
    Engine TDCM hub motor rear wheel
    Motor power 500 watts
    drive chain
    Battery Lithium Ion 550 Wh, 11.6 Ah
    Display eflow LCD Display & Remote Control
    Crank FSA Gossamer
    Shifter Shimano SLX
    Rear Derailleur Shimano XT
    Cassette Shimano Deore
    Brakes Shimano Deore hydraulics
    Rims Alex ER-30
    hub eflow
    Headlight / Taillight Supernova E3 Pure / E3
    Mature Swallow Big Ben 26 x 2.35
    Luggage system / mudguards Racktime Light it / Curana
    available frame sizes 17/19/21 inches
    Total weight approx. 24.5 kg
    permissible total weight approx. 150 kg
  • Stock
    3 pc
    26 kg/pc
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