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EFLOW ER-2 pedelec electric bicycle

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EFLOW ER-2 pedelec electric bicycle
  • EFLOW ER-2 pedelec electric bicycle
  • EFLOW ER-2 pedelec electric bicycle
  • EFLOW ER-2 pedelec electric bicycle
  • EFLOW ER-2 pedelec electric bicycle
  • EFLOW ER-2 pedelec electric bicycle
  • EFLOW ER-2 pedelec electric bicycle
  • EFLOW ER-2 pedelec electric bicycle
  • EFLOW ER-2 pedelec electric bicycle
  • EFLOW ER-2 pedelec electric bicycle
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The ER-2 not only captivates with sporty design, the pedelec also offers a lot of power and scores with extra long range. With the ER-2 you are as fast in the city as on long tours in the hinterland. Even the lightest eBike in eflow's program shines with carefully selected components. Power, range and sporty design are the key attributes of the ER-2. The strong drive pushes the pedelec almost silently forward. The versatility of the ER-2 covers all requirements in the urban environment. It always brings you safely to your destination - without the sportiness comes too short.

The brushless motor has a wide speed range and is characterized by a high speed stability. The engine provides 250 watts, a lithium ion battery with 420 Wh and 8.8 Ah provides the required energy. Reliable, energy-saving and powerful, the drive delivers its power without any detours to the tarmac. The rear-wheel drive of the ER-2 is almost silent and gives the eBike the optimal traction for a sporty driving style. Reliable and durable, it masters the requirements of modern mobility. An electronic torque sensor at the dropout informs the controller how strong the driver pedaling, the engine then provides the appropriate support. This is particularly efficient and homogeneous in rear-wheel drive, so that the drive works without jerking.

On the ER-2 you will find only high-quality components, which include the circuit and the hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano as well as the first-class tires from Schwalbe. This combines comfort, grip, best rolling behavior and reliability. A sturdy center stand will give your eflow ER-2 a secure hold when you turn it off. But who wants to turn off an eBike in this class?

Even when standing, the ER-2 with dynamic forms indicates its power and speed. The renunciation of fenders, lighting and luggage rack emphasizes the athletic claim of eBikes and saves weight. The voluminous seat tube with integrated battery increases the stability of the frame and thus the safety of the whole eBike. The integrated battery also contributes to the harmonious appearance of the ER-2, like the cables and cables routed in the frame. The rear wheel motor integrates harmoniously into the silhouette of the pedelec. A chic, modern eBike from a single source.

The eflow ER-2 comes in three frame heights: 17 inches, 19 inches and 21 inches. This corresponds to a seat tube length of 432, 483 or 534 millimeters - so you are guaranteed to find the right frame size. The frame geometry ensures a balanced but sporty seating position, matching the dynamic demands of this eBike. The steering angle of 70 degrees stands for a perfect blend of smoothness and agility. The ER-2 is equipped with wheels in 26 inches. This size supports the agility and dynamics of the fast pedelec.
  • Speed max. 25 km / h
    Color Matt Lava Gray
    Frame eflow PM1 aluminum
    Fork eflow aluminum
    Engine TDCM hub motor rear wheel
    Motor power 250 watts
    Drive chain
    Battery Lithium Ion 420 Wh, 8.8 Ah
    Display eflow LCD Display & Remote Control
    Crank FSA Vero
    Shifter Shimano SLX
    Rear Derailleur Shimano SLX
    Cassette Shimano Deore
    Brakes Shimano Deore hydraulics
    Rims Alex ER-30
    Hubs eflow
    Mature Swallow Big Ben 26 x 2.35
    available frame sizes 19 inches
    Total weight about 23 kg
    permissible total weight approx. 150 kg
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