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EFLOW CR-2 / S1 pedals electric bicycle

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EFLOW CR-2 / S1 pedals electric bicycle
  • EFLOW CR-2 / S1 pedals electric bicycle
  • EFLOW CR-2 / S1 pedals electric bicycle
  • EFLOW CR-2 / S1 pedals electric bicycle
  • EFLOW CR-2 / S1 pedals electric bicycle
  • EFLOW CR-2 / S1 pedals electric bicycle
  • EFLOW CR-2 / S1 pedals electric bicycle
  • EFLOW CR-2 / S1 pedals electric bicycle
  • EFLOW CR-2 / S1 pedals electric bicycle
  • EFLOW CR-2 / S1 pedals electric bicycle
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Anyone who claims that appearance is unimportant, does not know the CR-2 / S1 yet - this eBike is a real character type. Its sporty, purist retro design with uncomplicated belt drive convinces at first glance. With the CR-2 / S1 eflow brings a single speed into the house, which is perfectly matched to the urban lifestyle! Designed by Norbert Haller in Berlin, manufactured by the experienced eflow producer and supplemented with the highest quality components, the CR-2 / S1 stands out for its unique and unmistakable design vocabulary. Our philosophy is also valid for this latest in a long series of extraordinary eBikes: The usual high eflow quality and technical finesse meet with a coherent design concept: This eBike is not only noticed when driving. The CR-2 / S1 sends out a clear message: We are clearly committed to eMobility!

Simple and good: A powerful 250 W rear hub motor and the carbon-reinforced Continental Belt are the dream team for low-maintenance and relaxed driving in the city.

The 313.2 Wh lithium-ion battery also powers the engine of the CR-2 / S1 on longer tours and makes every trip a relaxed eBike trip. Invisibly integrated into the striking eflow seat tube, it can be easily removed without breaking the clear design. The Shimano Alfine hydraulic 160mm braking system ensures a safe driving experience at all times. This singlespeed eBike is perfectly tuned to the traffic in the city center - for urban purists.

The CR-2 / S1 does not need much to be good and does without any superfluous features - but what's there is the finest! eflow only uses high quality components to ensure maximum functionality. Our supplier list? The current who's who of the eBike industry. We refrain from compromises in design or technology: the battery indicator and on / off switch are seamlessly integrated into the seat post, so as not to disturb the clear geometry. All components have been selected to ensure maximum functionality. Renowned automotive and eBike industry expert Continental supplies the carbon-reinforced timing belt. More and more premium eBikes rely on Belt technology for the drive: durable, low-maintenance and smoother than the conventional chain. While the wheels are also supplied by Continental and present themselves as all-rounder, eflow relies on the expertise of Shimano for the brakes and incorporates the latest technology - in line with the concept of the CR-2 / S1.

Less is more: this eSinglespeed is deliberately reduced to the essentials. Its purist look is striking - an ambassador of modern mobility. All eflow concepts were created by the Berlin-based designer Norbert Haller and all combine one feature: the typical eflow frame, which gives the eBike a clear, eye-catching silhouette. The distinctive seat tube is the unmistakable signature: it is also a stabilizer, a distinguishing feature and houses the lithium-ion battery. Trains and other electronics are also laid inside the frame so as not to break the geometry of the eBike: design and technology are both of the top priorities at eflow. Here, perfection was realized - in the form of a modern, urban eBike with a unique look.

The CR-2 / S1 is available in three frame sizes: S (17 "), M (19") and L (21 "). A very light aluminum frame (total weight about 20 kg, available in the colors Pure Silver Matt or Shiny Black Pearl) and the stiff double bridge fork allow easy, precise handling. The individually height-adjustable saddle offers a sporty yet comfortable seating position. The eBike comes with current 28 "-Continental Speed ​​Ride wheels - diamond-coated semi-slicks with smooth running characteristics, which also offer grip on gravel roads with their outer cleats.
  • Speed max. 25 km / h
    Color Pure Silver Matt and Shiny Black Pearl
    Frame eflow PM1 aluminum
    Fork eflow aluminum
    Engine hub motor rear wheel
    Motor power 250 watts
    drive Belt
    Battery Lithium Ion 313.2 Wh, 8.7 Ah
    Cassette ContiTech 20T
    Brakes Shimano ALFINE hydraulics 160 mm / 160
    available frame sizes 17/19/21 inches
    Total weight about 20 kg
    permissible total weight approx. 150 kg
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