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Badbike Baddog Husky 10 electric bicycle 500Wh battery

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2 pcs
Badbike Baddog Husky 10 electric bicycle 500Wh battery
3 643 $
Discount: 2 622 $
Begin: 01/01/2020   End: 31/01/2020
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Motor BOSCH Performance Cruise 250 W 25 km / h
Display Intuvia, Battery 36 V 500Wh

Delivery time for order 2 weeks.

Hungary's largest bicycle factory. Models of the best quality parts.
Whatever the purpose: sport, recreation or transport - the BADBIKE bikes will immediately feel the difference.
Nice design, excellent painting, thoughtful details, perfect workmanship.

Unique, versatile, modern and good range: The e-bike with the Bosch Performance Series is a really good companion in everyday life.
Whether you go to work or go on a long trip, or go out for a coffee, go out with your friends.
With the Perhormance system you can do it faster, but above all more loosely and without much effort.

Perfectly measured, balanced support in all situations is used during tours or in everyday swirls.

The torque sensor system features three sensors that perform thousands of measurements per second, providing a unique experience.
Three sensors measure the power, pace and speed of pedaling to ensure optimal balance. This results in perfectly coordinated, harmonious support at every moment.
More convenience:
Transmission Detection - The system is in harmony with the shifting of the bicycle changer, changing the torque by changing it, reducing wear, and not even noticing the shift.
Quiet, durable and durable:

Accurate engine control and fast processing of sensor signals, engineers strive to achieve minimal noise and vibration.
Improved chain control prevents the chain from falling. In addition, the drive unit is extremely strong, the system is dust and waterproof so it can withstand the environmental impact very well.

Choose the benefits of an E-bike equipped with the Bosch Performance Cruise system and enjoy the everyday life of a reliable E-bike.
Have a real experience of going to work or having a weekend break.

    HU198030, HU198031
    frame dimensions 47 cm / 52 cm
    Wheel size 27.5
    Gear 10
    frame material 6061 Alu
    villa Suntour XCR RL R
    VP-headset A45AC2
    transmission FSA Bosch
    rear derailleur Shimano Deore RDM615
    rear shift lever Shimano SLM610
    Brake Shimano Acera AM425
    Gear Shimano Acera HG41
    first brain Shimano Acera M3050
    rear brain Shimano Acera M3050
    rim Rodi Smuggler
    steering head Tranz X JD ST80A
    steering tube Tranz X JD MTB 11AF
    saddle of this royal Nekkar
    tires Schwalbe Racing Ralph
    weight 20.5 kg
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    2 pcs
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